Oil filtration

Filtration of oils and other working fluids

We offer the services consisting in filtration of oils working in a wide range of systems. These include e.g. lubrication systems of power turbines, compressors etc., hydraulic systems of presses, injection moulding machines, and other.

The oil filtration service comprises the following stages:

  • taking oil samples before starting the actual service,
  • filtration of oil in the working system until stable cleanliness class is obtained and confirmed by cyclic cleanliness class checks,
  • taking oil samples after the service is completed,
  • making up the cleanliness statement and report on the service rendered for the customer.

A specially designed union piece of the bypass filtering unit allows to connect easily and flexibly to different oil reservoirs via their oil refills plug without machine stoppage. At the same time, it secures correct relative position of suction and pressure hose tips.

Once the service is completed, we present the customer with a statement containing results of cleanliness class analyses before and after the service.