7. Wkłady Filtracyjne Włókninowe The nonwoven fabric filter elements series WF-W manufactured by us are designed to maintain sufficiently high cleanliness class which has a fundamental effect on reliability and wear of friction nodes.

Filter elements comprise a filtration partition (borosilicate nonwoven fabric reinforced with PP mesh on both sides) star-like shaped around the drain (perforated pipe). The direction of flow of the filtered medium is oriented radially towards the filter element centre.

The filtration partition is stars-shaped on order to increase the filtration surface area. It is composed of multiple layers:   

  • filtering layers are non-organic and synthetic nonwoven fabric,
  • layers responsible for mechanical resistance comprise synthetic nonwoven fabric with high mechanical resistance,
  • the protection layer is a synthetic plastic mesh covered with an inner reinforcement in the form of a cord/glue helix stabilising the pleats or perforated shell,
  • drainage layer.

Such structure of filter elements manufactured by BBT company assure:   

  • very high superficial-subsurface macro- and micro-impurities within the whole range of pressure drops on the filter element,
  • very good stability of βx throughout the working range,
  • low resistance of flow at high filtration accuracy,
  • high mechanical strength, also under pulsating flows,
  • high thermal and chemical resistance.

Nonwoven fabric filter elements ensure effective filtration in the following range:

  • 3 µm at filtration ratio β3 > 1000
  • 5 µm at filtration ratio β5 > 1000
  • 10µm at filtration ratio β10 > 1000
  • 20µm at filtration ratio β20 > 1000