Oil systems cleaning and flushing

Cleaning and flushing oil systems of power turbines and other machines

In cases when the oil filtration service is uneconomic, we perform the system cleaning. The cleaning service comprises the following steps:

  • pumping the oil currently used out to temporary reservoirs,
  • removing oil residues by means of a sucking device,
  • cleaning the oil reservoir walls,
  • cleaning the oil system pipes by means of a device cleaning with a high-pressure stream of cleaning agent,
  • refilling the system with either fresh or old oil (after filtration) through filters,
  • oil filtration in an operating device until stable cleanliness class is obtained confirmed by cyclic cleanliness class checks,
  • taking oil samples after completion of the service assignment,
  • making up the cleanliness statement and report on the service rendered for the customer.

We guarantee obtaining cleanliness class on the level 14/11 as per ISO 4406 (5 as per NAS 1638). After completion of the service, we issue a statement containing results of cleanliness class analyses before and after completion of the service.

We collect the generated waste after completion of the service, being a holder of relevant permits. This includes also the filter elements used by us when rendering the service.