Filtration chambers

Filtration chambers

We supply complete filtration chambers. The chamber comprises:

  • the actual filter chamber,
  • filter element (replaceable disposable component),
  • filter contamination indicator (manometer),
  • inlet port and outlet port,
  • air vent,
  • pressure sensor,
  • overflow (check) valve,
  • inspection valve.

Filtration chambers are manufactured are manufactured as specific series of types. A series of types includes:

  • KF-50,
  • KF-100,
  • KF-200,
  • KF-300.

Filtration chambers are designed to be used as a filtering units for various machines e.g. injection moulding presses. They are also used in mobile units and stationary bypass units.

Detailed technical specifications of filters together with dimensioned drawings can be found in the “download” section.