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Mobile bypass filtration unitMBF-I/200-40

Mobile bypass filtration unitMBF-I/200-40 is a device designed to removing mechanical impurities from oils used in turbines, compressors, transmissions, hydraulic power systems etc.

It can be used also for filtering-assisted refilling or removing (pumping out) oils with the filtration chamber of the system being bypassed. Design and structure of the mobile bypass filtration unit MBF-I/200-40 allows to use it in three different variants:

  • oils system by-pass filtration (off-line),
  • filtering-assisted oil system topping up,
  • oil pumping out with the filtration chamber bypassed.

The unit should be used as:

  • as an independent device filtering oil in lubrication systems of machines and devices operated continuously in special conditions
  • in case of newly purchased fresh oils, for oil filtering when refilling oil systems of machines and devices
  • as an oil-pumping device with the filtration chamber bypassed (e.g. for spent oils)

Mobile bypass filtration units can be manufactured against individual customer orders. In vie of that, the type an configuration of subassemblies mounted in them can be different.

Technical parameters of the device
Nominal pumping capacity 40 l/min
recommended volumes of cleaned systems ≤ 4 000 l
filtered liquid kinematic viscosity coefficient range 2,0 .. 220,0 mm2/s
operating temperature range 0 .. +80 °C
the maximum filter operating range — pressure 3,0 bar
minimum pressure at inlet -0,05 MPa
supply power voltage 400 V
supply power frequency 50 Hz
electric motor rated power 1,1 kW
electric motor speed 1380 rpm
weight 55 kg
overall dimensions 650 x 650 x 1100 mm
functions filtering, pressure pumping
The filter elements used

The following filter elements can be used in MBF-I/200-20 device:

  • WF-W-200/01-470/145
  • WF-W-200/03-470/145
  • WF-W-400/05-470/145
  • WF-W-400/10-470/145
  • WF-W-400/25-470/145
The device structure

The mobile bypass filtration unit is manufactured as a compact structure with all the components mounted on a common carrying frame.

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