About the company

Our business profile

The scope of our business includes:

  • Manufacturing of nonwoven fabric and mesh filter elements with non-standard dimensions and parameters (to special orders),
  • Manufacturing and sales of devices for oil cleaning and dehydration (standard and untypical adapted to customer needs),
  • Laboratory analyses of basic physicochemical parameters of oils,
  • Sales of Mikroanalizator program for oil cleanliness assessment as per ISO, NAS, and GOST standards.
  • Monitoring of and comprehensive servicing oils systems of machines and devices,
    • Measurements and assessment of cleanliness of the used machine oil systems,
    • Cleaning oil systems of machines and devices, preparing the systems for operation,
    • Collecting and environment-friendly disposal of spent oils.

The history

The company BBT is a Polish enterprise registered as a limited liability company.

It has been founded in 1994. At that time, we have developed our first oil filtration devices and filter elements for these devices. Over the course of the years, the devices manufactured by us underwent constant evolution resulting finally in developing a series of types of oil filtration devices worthy of the name of 21-century products manufactured with the use of up-to-date subassemblies and environment-friendly technologies.

The currently implemented business program of our firm is based on solving technical problems in co-operation with many production enterprises. We have production shops in which we manufacture filter elements and assembly devices for the market. Moreover, we have our own technological and chemical laboratory.

Among our latest achievements, it is worth mentioning the oil dehydration device. This is a number of subassemblies integrated into a compact mobile unit which removes water from oil and filtrates it at the same time. The device can be operated both in the production shop and outdoors.

Our projects

BBT company vaunts many successful projects and satisfied customers. Go to the map and make yourselves acquainted with our achievements:

The certificates we hold

We present the content of our quality policy and environmental policy. We present also certificates granted to us as an evidence of the Integrated Environment Management System being implemented and maintained in our firm in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 14001: 2004 i PN-N 18001:2004.